Molten Crayons

It is that time of the year when the dreamy afternoons are drenched in a languorous charm. The tiny raindrops rest on the pleats of the verdant foliage to form a delicate necklace of translucent pearls, sprinkled with hints of silver (fairy dust). Brings back memories of a quaint little village located in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal, where these lovely Batik pieces were created. The raw beauty of the place during the monsoons is a feast for the senses. Almost like a vividly evocative watercolor painting. Batik is an age-old technique of wax resist dyeing on textiles. Fragments of exquisite antique tapestries provide ample historical testimony about the glory of this ancient art form. The delicate patterns are etched using a copper canting tool, which holds the molten wax. The fabric is then dyed in a fashion that the color only permeates the parts where wax hasn't been applied. Once it dries, the wax is removed to reveal magical results. The process is meticulously repeated several times to achieve stunningly intricate patterns.

In the past, these exotic art pieces were taken to faraway lands on merchant ships carrying bolts of fine silk and rare spices. Batik is not merely an art form but also a fascinating legacy, that echoes so many intriguing stories of the days gone by. The luxe wraps created at Niiyaa are pieces of heritage which would take you down a fragrant path, deep into the corridors of history. The collection boasts of indelible classic pieces, meant for the possession of a connoisseur, and exudes warmth and joie de vivre in each swirl of color. Set against a backdrop of lush mango trees laden with aromatic fruit, the artisan's workshop is a treasure trove of artfully crafted Batik pieces. He leads a quiet life devoid of any artifice, which finds manifestation in the art that he creates.

Each wrap has been hand painted using the  complex 'tulis' technique, a painstaking procedure which takes around 50-70 days to complete. The meditatively slow process ensures a beautiful result each and every time, and brings to the fore a masterpiece. In these tumultuous times, our creations have been lovingly crafted to provide a healing antidote for the soul. Niiyaa's nimble fingered master artisan has evolved a unique style of his own which is enhanced by his innate sense of artistic comprehension and ability to extract the infinite out of the finite. Inspired by the wonders of nature and a rich cultural heritage, we bring to you a perfect offering.The mindfully crafted pieces speak a global language without compromising on heritage and craftsmanship, and are a befitting ode to an ancient art form.