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Enchanted Moon
Long Blue Cotton Silk Scarf

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The bandhani patterns have been created by plucking the fabric into innumerable tiny bindings. One of the earliest known bandhani dots can be seen in the 6th-century paintings on the walls of the Ajanta caves, that depict the life of the Buddha.

The cotton silk fabric was first woven in a small town near Hyderabad, located in the southern Indian state of Telangana, and then taken to a bustling village of Gujarat for the Bandhani work. The beautiful formation, spacing and contours of the bandhani dots are an indication of the artisan's immense skills and involve many days of hard work. Crafting the piece was a family affair. A cluster of tiny flecks flows in harmony to form an enchanted moon-shaped medallion on the deep blue fabric. Wrap it around to become a part of the fascinating mysteries of the universe.

Material & Care - Cotton Silk, Dry Clean Only

Shape & Size - Oblong, 186 x 26 Cms 

Human Story - Handwoven Cotton Silk , Hand Tied and Dyed (Bandhani)