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A Royalty
Long Blue Embroidered Cotton Silk Scarf & Face Mask

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Prussian Blue

Block printing in India dates back to the 19th century. The teak blocks used to print exotic finery for the Siamese royalty, have now become a rarity. Efforts are being made to revive these art forms, lost in the sands of time.

This stunning wrap exudes a rare beauty. Natural colors are mixed together to create a rich array of dyes. A deftly carved wedge of wood has been used to stamp intricate patterns on fabric. Later, the fabric is washed and sun-dried. The telltale signs of the human hand, adds to the charm. The wool motifs replicate the printed pattern. This is a must-have piece to enliven your wardrobe.

Material & Care - Cotton Silk, Dry Clean Only

Shape & Size - Oblong, 182 x 48 cms

Human Story - Hand Block Printed , Hand Appliquéd (Rabari)