An Imperial Colour

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Material  100% Silk 
Shape  Oblong 
Size  186 x 58 cms
Making Handwoven Silk, Hand Batik Printed 


Purple is the colour of calm and creativity. In the ancient times, the fabric traders obtained the dye from small mollusks found in the Tyre region of the Mediterranean sea.

Since only the affluent rulers could afford to buy the colour, it got to be associated with the imperial classes. At times it got too expensive for them too. As the story goes, the Roman emperor Aurelian did not allow his queen to buy a shawl created from Tyrian purple silk because it cost its weight in gold. This traditionally crafted piece has been given a contemporary twist to add a unique vocabulary on fabric.The batik printed checks enhance the sophistication and beauty of this royal piece, and also accentuate the mystic appeal. It is a must-have in your wardrobe.

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Customer reviews
Shannon Kiehn
New York, US

Such beauty ! Such creativity !!
Alexa Babcock
Oklahoma City, US

I placed an order recently and received as a bonus, a small bag with bells and incense in it. It smells lovely.
Jenny San
Diego, US

Hi, I am wondering how I can find your face-wraps. I see your beautiful scarves, but can’t find your face-wrap that you advertised.
Sandy Mikolaski
Bellevue, US

THANK YOU so much and I am so glad I found your website. Beautiful products!
Chicago, US

Birthday gift for a dear friend. My friend was thrilled with the lovely scarf. She loved the colors!
Arun Goenka
Bangalore, India

Spectacular !
New York, US