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A Garden of Delight
Batik Print Beige & Black Silk Square Scarf

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Clay Beige & Ink Black

Those moments of deep bonding across flashes of time, when you speak a language that only the heart can decipher. A connection so rare that it enchants the universe. The artisan has imprinted those moments on this piece.

Silk twill adds an extra dimension to the patterns that are hand printed on it. Traditional colors for batik are made from natural ingredients which consist primarily of beige, blue, brown and black. You will be mesmerized by the visual intensity of this pretty silk wrap. It carries the essence and energy of the weaver and is incomparable to anything that is machine made. The delicately crafted batik flowers are like a garden of pure delight. Wrap it around your shoulders and turn some moments of everyday life into art.

Material & Care - 1 Panel of 100% Twill Silk, 1 Panel of Silk, Dry Clean Only

Shape & Size - Square, 90 x 90 Cms

Human Story - Handwoven , Hand Painted Batik