An Indelible Classic
Yellow Cotton Silk Square Scarf

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Corn Yellow

A pure labour of love, this enthralling piece has been created by nimble fingered artisans and has an interesting story behind it. Like fine wine, as the masterpiece ages, the colours become more beautiful and vibrant.

The brown dye is made from the bark of a mango tree. (Sago is also a commonly used dye to impart the brown colour. Traditional batik designs are created by drawing dots and lines using a copper stamp.) Once the design is etched on molten wax, the fabric is dyed and the process is repeated several times to create these dotted patterns. The brown and cream polka dots are highlighted with delicate embroidery, making this wrap an indelible classic. A pop of print, a dot of chic, this wrap is a pretty complement to any outfit.

Material & Care - Front Panel of 100% Silk, Back Panel of Cotton Silk, Dry Clean Only

Shape & Size - Square, 94 x 86 Cms

Human Story - Handwoven Cotton Silk , Hand Painted Batik