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Pure Refinement
Long Slate & Grey Woolen Scarf

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Slate & Cloud Grey

The billowing clouds were chasing each other playfully, and the air was awash with the sweet fragrance of pine trees.. All the pristine beauty of nature has been captured on this soft wool wrap.

The magical touch of the weaver's hand can be seen on this beautifully crafted piece. It is a manifestation of his artistic spirit. The pure organic wool has been derived from sheep that have individual names and have been raised with a lot of love. The weaving was accompanied by the tinkling of sheep bells and their occasional quiet bleating. A sweet little sheep motif adds to the charm. Delight your senses with the sublime elegance and refinement of this piece.

Material & Care - 2 Panels of 100% Wool, Dry Clean Only

Shape & Size - Oblong, 200 x 71 Cms

Human Story - Hand Dyed Yarn , Handwoven Wool