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Quiet an Elegance
Pink Eri Silk Square Scarf

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Chalk Pink

This sublimely shaded wrap will remind you of the fragrance of white tea in the early morning mist. It will create a place of calm energy inside you. The pink satin silk piece has a certain heritage, yet modern vibe to it.

The delightful blend of black clamped polka dots and check pattern, conveys a story that cannot be possibly put into words. It has a breathtaking sheen to it and has been lovingly crafted for a woman who knows her worth. This silk square is an epitome of a quiet elegance. Wrap it around your shoulders and watch the clouds pass by.

Material & Care - 3 Panels of Eri Silk, 1 Panel of Silk, Dry Clean Only

Shape & Size - Square, 107 x 105 Cms

Human Story - Handwoven Eri Silk , Hand Clamp Dyed