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Silken Tales
Brown Eri Silk Square Scarf

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Copper Brown

The humming sound of the loom wafts through the air. It is an enduring rhythm of the weaver's village. Beneath the deep shade of the huge banyan tree, they work tirelessly to create these exquisite pieces.

The community of Eri silk weavers comprises of daughters, mothers and grandmothers who draw strength and inspiration from each other to create stunning weaves. (A shawl made with Eri silk is passed down in families for generations as an heirloom.) The subtle shades and stripes and the tastefully laid out panels, enhance the timeless appeal of this piece. Flaunt unparalleled elegance with this beautiful wrap around your shoulders.

Material & Care - 1 Panel of 100% Eri Silk, 1 Panel of Silk, Dry Clean Only

Shape & Size - Square, 107 x 107 Cms

Human Story - Handwoven Eri silk , Hand Dyed Silk