Song of Nature

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About Me

Material  100% Wool 
Shape  Oblong 
Size  186 x 60 cms
Making Handwoven Wool, Hand Dyed Wool 


 The timeless piece defies the impermanence of beauty. It is a beautiful reminder of things that are yours forever. The lush green hues sing the sweet songs of nature.

Raw wool is converted into yarn using a small hand cranked wheel known as the charkha. The mindfully crafted yarn is then arranged into the warping frame to be woven into pretty pieces of art. Ombre is a fabric that's dyed in the gradation of a single color from light to dark, to create a stunning movement and depth within the piece. The delicate embroidery adds to its charm. Wear it and you will be enveloped in the soothing colours of nature.

Best advice is to Dry Clean Only. For best results to your delicate wools, it is highly recommended that you only dry clean. For a long life for all pure silk products, dry cleaning is recommended. For colors to not fade in all cotton products, gentle hand washing is recommended.
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Customer reviews
Shannon Kiehn
New York, US

Such beauty ! Such creativity !!
— Shannon Kiehn
Alexa Babcock
Oklahoma City, US

I placed an order recently and received as a bonus, a small bag with bells and incense in it. It smells lovely.
— Alexa Babcock
Jenny San
Diego, US

Hi, I am wondering how I can find your face-wraps. I see your beautiful scarves, but can’t find your face-wrap that you advertised.
— Jenny San
Sandy Mikolaski
Bellevue, US

THANK YOU so much and I am so glad I found your website. Beautiful products!
— Sandy Mikolaski
Chicago, US

Birthday gift for a dear friend. My friend was thrilled with the lovely scarf. She loved the colors!
— Alice
Arun Goenka
Bangalore, India

Spectacular !
— Arun Goenka
New York, US

— Ellen