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The River of Life
Long Blue Silk Woolen Scarf

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Denim Blue

The yarn for this piece has been soaked in the healing waters of an ancient river. The women often sang as they worked, the high lilting notes meandered into low notes. Age-old patterns have been woven into the fabric.

The weaving process is in constant dialogue with its surroundings. Life is like a journey down a flowing river. In a way, the weaver has woven a lifetime, his story on the fabric. The desired patterns are set, and the weaver gets down to his work. The beauty of this wrap lies in the intricately woven checks and unique layout of the panels. This wool-silk wrap exudes a subtle charm. Pair it with your denims for an effortlessly elegant look.

Material & Care - 3 Panels of 100% Wool, 2 Panels of 100% Silk, Dry Clean Only

Shape & Size - Oblong, 186 x 69 Cms

Human Story - Handwoven Wool , Handwoven Silk