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What's Niiyaa

The same people, the same banter, the same emotions. Have you ever felt a need to break out? To get connected to a more meaningful part of the world?

Well, we did. There was a craving to explore beyond our little bubble, a throbbing sensation that told us something beautiful awaits us out there.

And so our adventure began – not to start a business – but just to explore life differently. We travelled to off-beaten locations, met with little known people, got intrigued by their uncommon ways of living.

We were amazed by such hidden talent – we could see Da Vincis without the media coverage, Shakespeare without the stage.

But what left us completely awestruck was their heart – their warmth, their love, their stories. There is hope for this world, we thought.

There were just 3 words ringing in our mind for months: Stories | Art | Handmade. We had to bring them together. The world needed to see this. Wraps seemed to be the natural progression. So Niiyaa was born.

Our hope is you will be able to feel the luxury in these handmade wraps. Some of them have taken over a year to craft. Some required 40 people to create.

But more importantly, our hope is that you will feel the same warmth, be surrounded by the same love that we felt, as you adorn this around you.

That's Niiyaa.