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Art that weaves souls together. 3 art forms and 6 artisan families, spanning 4 regions, woven together by the yarn of love and a little touch of magic. Unboxing the Niiyaa box is nothing short of a glorious celebration.

Would you love to adorn a wrap from regions you have never heard of?

Your Art Connoisseur

Niiyaa would give you personalised convenience by nurturing your sensitivities and preferences for the art. The stunning pieces conjure up images of places you always wanted to see.

Curated experiences

Art is a sublime catalyst for true human connections. It communicates beyond the realm of words to create beautiful stories.

Relations to Last

In an effort to beautify the dialogue between us, we have stumbled upon rare stories, woven from the threads of deep bonds.

Travel diaries

On the journey of life, where we are mere travellers, Niiyaa brings you fireside stories to enliven the experience.

So What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. Seriously.

We at Niiyaa work tirelessly to bring you authentic handwoven treasures that would feel at home anywhere in the world, behind each intricately crafted wrap there is a commitment to creating rare art, nurturing cultural legacy and empowering the craftspeople. In doing so we are cultivating a community of love and care dedicated to the cause of 'handmade'.

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